Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gingerbread house (Sweetopia Tutorial)

Gingerbread house: Left Whole house with Mama and Papa Gingerbread men. Right (clockwise from top left): Back, Front, Top, Side

Merry Christmas One and all and I hope that you enjoyed time with family and friends. Here in New Zealand we get christmas extra early :) so that's always a bonus.

A post slightly deviated from cakes and to baking in general :) This year I decided to tackle a gingerbread house and BOY O BOY was it a mission! I made it all from scratch and it was totally kit free :) I used Sweetopia's Gingerbread House Tutorial which you can find here.
The video was amazing and ever so useful! But that does not mean that this whole thing went without drama... I put the roof on sideways and because the eaves were so long (I'm going to a claim Frank Lloyd Wright Gingerbread House on this one) they almost snapped off! My Royal icing was waaaay too thick  (You add water... another helpful tutorial on Sweetopia)

It's decorated with Jaffas (a New Zealand lolly : orange candy coated chocolate balls) fruity candy canes, royal icing, giant winegums, red chocolate chips and lastly strawberry jelly mix (the pink bits in the snow) Although it was a bit wonkity (*cough* whimsical) the family loved it which is what is important!  I'm sure glad they did, otheriwse that's a gingerbread house spread across three days labouring in a HOT (it's summer over here) Kitchen wasted as the royalicing you have to leave to harden for periods of twenty-four hours.

I hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas,


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