Friday, December 28, 2012

Cake It #5: Spangley Star Cake

The back of the cake 

It was our lovely neighbour's little girl's first birthday today, so as a present I made them a cake :) I've been dying to try putting fondant on florist wire. It worked quite well, because I was low on fondant instead of making the larger stars thicker I made teeny baby stars to stick on the back! It ended up really cute!

This was really a tester cake... I tested a new cake tin (20cm), a new method to get the cake flat (which didn't work), I also tested the stars and new colours of gel paste (Americolor electric pink, and Wilton Rose (which are gorgeous)) and lastly a new chocolate frosting. So it was a big learning curbe but also a lot of fun as it did not deviate from anything too hard!

 The front of the cake

Lastly I had to add sparkle! So I used pink and purple glitter to make the cake uber sparkley! I hope the neighbours enjoyed the cake :) Who knows? (But in truth the top I had to chop off to make the cake flat was deeelicious)


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