Friday, December 21, 2012

Cake It #3: Poppy Cupcakes

Close up of the poppies

So today I tried something a bit brave. I tried making full-sized fondant poppies. Big Mistake. Apparently you aren't meant to use fondant to make flowers this big (gum paste is the way to go guys!). The poppies stayed moist at the bottom of the holders I made out of tin foil... then the majority of the poppies snapped. I swear I wanted to cry! Live and learn I guess!

Cupcakes up on the stand

They were to take to a Christmas Barbeque so thank goodness they ended up turning out okay! I was weighing up between orange and green icing and I'm so happy that I went with the orange, because i think the green would have clashed in such an awful way! I brought out the cupcake stand which has been stored away for a while due to my lack of baking.

 Me with one of the pink cupcakes

Overall everyone loved the cupcakes, so that was a success! And no one realised that they were broken... so that was a bonus. Now I am keen to try out making gum paste flowers - bring it on!

Cake it 'til you make it,


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