Monday, December 31, 2012

Cake It #6 & #7: Halo and Xbox Cake

The two cakes

So this was the most last minute cake ever! My little brother's friend Connor's birthday was New Year's Eve so I spent the day and some of the previous night whipping up some cakes for him.

The white controller was a chocolate cake my Mumma made :) I carved it into the controller shape, butter creamed it then decorated it in fondant (I swear writing that sentence makes it seem like icing is the simplest thing in the world... which it so isn't!).

The Halo cake is in fact a banana cake and was my first attempt at chocolate ganache and it was yum! The Halo writing was done freehand and copied off a picture of the halo logo (however I had to source the "16" out which was a mission in itself) then filled in with Royal Blue coloured butter cream (my first time also using Americolor Royal Blue.

Just a quick post today as I am totally zonked from staying up until midnight (I'm a nana at heart),


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