Friday, December 21, 2012

Cake It #2: Grandma's Butterfly Cupcakes

Close up of the central cupcakes

The Wednesday just been I had a lovely day baking with my grandma. She is the only one of my grandparents left and I really appreciate being able to spend time with her, as she lives in a home and is not very mobile. I made some really quick Jam cupcakes while she made coconut ice, at my. house.

The cupcakes themselves are called "ladybird" cupcakes, but they are known to me as "the jam ones", they were iced with blue butter cream, with pink flowers and purple butterflies as well as pink, blue and purple edible glitter. The cases themselves were purple, so quite a bright colour scheme all and all. The cupcakes themselves weren't half bad but the butter cream was a touch liquidy... I think I added too much vanilla essence! Whoops!

 The whole plate, including make-shift doily

We took her back to the rest home and she gave them to the lovely nurses who look after her to thank them and wish them a Merry Christmas. She was very cute and loudly exclaimed "My granddaughter made these!". I love my grandma :)

Cake it 'til you make it,


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