Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cake It #1: Pink Ombre Cake

 The Finished Product

So, this is the first cake that starts the journey of my cake baking goal! This was a mission and a half to ice, as I accidentally made the wrong sized cake (so had to put two together) and it was hard getting the swirls to stick. On top of this it used quadruple the amount of icing it was meant to! (Yum! Whole block of butter and a kilo of icing sugar).

The Visual effect however is quite pleasing, it is the first ombre cake that I have ever attempted and it turned out quite well! It also had clear holographic glitter as well as cerise holographic glitter (I love sparkles!). It also had purple and pink fondant butterflies scattered all over the cake.
The Birthday Girl With Her Cake

Overall not a bad job, considering  my lack of experience. A bit squashed getting it onto the plate (I really must invest in a cake board), and the little oopsies with the swirls aside it ended up quite pretty. I certaintly got lots of comments on it, so the three hours spent icing it wasn't wasted. Hopefully the next cake will be done with better speed as I improve my skills :) The lovely lady who had the cake liked it very much (although perhaps the icing was a touch too thick).  Live and learn, I guess.

Cake it 'til you make it,


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